Saturday, July 2, 2011


Ensorcelor will be the first to get a post on here. Here's a video I found on YouTube of a nice up-close concert (Feb.18th 2011 @ Kenthouse). They're from Montreal, and play a very slow, harsh combination of sludge and black metal. Check these guys out, they currently have a cassette entitled Uracrtica Begins and an LP entitled Crucifuge available over at Media Tree Recording's own blogspot. ( ). There are quite a few good releases on that page, I'd suggest rummaging through all of them.

and here's another video

This is a nicely put together video for their track "By Mycomancy Insumed" (from the Crucifuge LP)

Ensorcelor Myspace Here's their myspace, if you couldn't tell by the link, facebook here Ensorcelor Facebook

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