Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cascadian Black Metal

I'm fairly certain everyone is familiar with this genre. It developed from the Cascade Range of Pacific Northwest of the US, according to, and is spreading like wildfire. Well, the Black Metal from that region anyway. A lot of long-winded Black Metal bands will be labeled as Cascadia no doubt, hell I'm gonna do it too. So, here will be a bunch of Long-Winded Cascadian Black Metal.

The book "Hideous Gnosis" discusses the transcendence of Black Metal from it's Norwegian roots (from the second wave of BM) dealing with Satanism and other topics, to what American Black Metal has grown into today, a more spiritual, natural evolution.

I've not finished the book yet, but it's an intriguing read if you can get past the dialect of a Black Metal Philosopher. Word upon word had to be looked up to understand what was going on and I'd like to think I'm fairly well off in reading ability.

Anyhow, this is another genre I will likely cover as extensively as I can. Here are some videos to check out:

Lake of Blood





Threnos (early contributors/one of the pioneer bands possibly)

Leech (also an early pioneer type)

Mania (Nate Myer's of Leech, his one man band)

Wolves in the Throne Room (who doesn't already know these guys?)

L'Acephale (This sounds like what would happen if Anaal Nathrakh collaborated with Cascadia)



Velvet Cacoon

Some bands outside of that actual region (if you want to consider them that....I don't care, labels suck, they're all good) include:


Altar of Plagues


Ash Borer

Fell Voices

Sleepwalker (side-project of Fell Voices drummer, Mike)


The Sun Came Up Upon the Left (the name is different on the video for some reason)


  1. great list. thanks for putting it together

  2. you are focusing too much on the sound/style and not on the content. the content is what makes CBM different, not the sound.


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