Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alkerdeel - Morinde

Written by: Nick

Hey look, a release from 2012. Alkerdeel, coming from Belgium and sharing members with doomers, Serpentcult, have just recently released their debut full-length and latest in genre-defying angst, Morinde. This album is a belligerent mix of sludge, doom and black metal. They've had a few prior efforts I've not had the opportunity to check out quite yet but this is a great starting point. This one comes from ConSouling Sounds.

Morinde starts off slow with Winterteens, very slow. A thick, plodding wall of doom permeates and vibrates covered in tormented wails and screams. The sludginess kicks in, amping up the pace of the album only to slam head on into a water barrel on a sharp turn. The vocals really range in sound and style from yells to screams to strained, blood vessel rupturing shrieking.

The tracks have a great variance in length, taking a leap from 2:24 all the way to 20:13. Horsesaw, the aforementioned shortest track, is a head-nodding blast of groovy sludge that comes after you like a starved and unchained dog to a meat-covered man. Hope you aren't a tubby fucker because you won't be getting away from this unscathed if you are.
Hessepikn shows off a creepier side of things. Repetitive riffs along with softly spoken vocals coil around your mind until they decide to start their constriction on your skull eventually crushing it into little Mayhem necklaces. 

The remainder of the album comes in the form of the track, Du Levande. It's completely inhuman and reeks of other-worldly possession. I won't decipher the remainder of the track, as it needs to dissected by you, the listener. Alkerdeel's Morinde has its blackness, its sludge, and doom. It's highly worthy of a spot here, and on your shelf at home.

Band Site
ConSouling Sounds


  1. Fuuuuuck! I'm dying to hear this....

  2. you have good ears boy! thanks and greetz!
    Pui / Alkerdeel


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